Wolf Down "Incite And Conspire" LP


For years it has been taking place, has often been mourned and has distinguished itself as a clear trend: The "de-politicization" of hardcore.

Empty phrases and dull aggressiveness have apparently replaced the urge to create and make a change for a better society.

But since 2011, WOLF DOWN from the Ruhrarea in Germany have made it their task to bring back musically and lyrically uncompromising hardness to lead this subculture back to their leftist-oriented political roots.

With their debut EP "MMXI" (2011), WOLF DOWN's success story of took its course and the acclaimed debut album called "Stray From The Path" followed in 2013.

Tireless touring in Europe, Asia and Russia quickly made WOLF DOWN a fixture on the international hardcore map.

The "Liberation EP" (2015) not only marked the debut of vocalist Dave, but offered the most uncompromising mix of metallic hardcore in the vein of bands like Hatebreed, Bitter End, The Ghost Inside, Trapped Under Ice or Soulfly and radical political content, until then.

With their second LP WOLF DOWN are now making their way to become one of the most important bands in their genre.

Produced by Dominic Paraskevopoulos in the Level3Entertainment Studios (Kreator, Caliban, Arch Enemy) "Incite & Conspire" sounds even more powerful and even more modern.

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