William Control "Hate Culture" CD


AIDEN frontman WiL Francis has never been a shy character. The charismatic vocalist will start a show on the stage and end up somewhere hanging from the rafters like a vampire bat. His performances have been the stuff of legend, evoking memories of icons such as David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Ian Curtis. He is a spokesman for the new wave of children of the night. WILLIAM CONTROL, his new solo project, is still cut from the punk rock fabric he is known for, but it is now smothered with black latex and clove smoke and taken to the S&M after-party. It's music for the blood drinkers and night crawlers who are always looking for a 5 am dance club. Hate Culture is WiL's stylish debut record that's filled with pounding dance rock rhythms and darkwave melancholy that will make fans of any type of heavy rock music get on the dance floor. Combined with heavy drum machines, looping synthesizers and Wil's domineering voice, Hate Culture creates the perfect atmosphere for those who are ready to discover a whole new realm of dark rock.

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