White Wives "Happeners" LP


Incited by the mid-60s Provo movement and named after the managers of its antics, Happeners is a collection of 11 tracks that range from high-gain electric rock n' roll, to punk/indie rock, to carefully orchestrated acoustic songs. It is a veritable landscape of sounds realized by five friends from varying Western Pennsylvania towns who have as many creative and ideological similarities as they do differences. Since the project was formed in the summer of 2010, White Wives have self-released the Situationist EP, following the recording with extensive touring in North America. They have shared their raucous live show — the stage is left in disarray after every set — with any and everyone who will have them. Performing alongside The Lawrence Arms, Lemuria, Balance & Composure, Koji, and the Cancer Bats, proves that the confines of genre do not apply to White Wives. In the past few months the band has focused much attention on the Northeastern United States and will expand its focus to the rest of the world as they head out on the road in support of Happeners via Adeline Records. Critics widely agree that White Wives' discovered sound and this collection of songs bear very few similarities to the artists' previous and current projects, that the ideas and sounds are new, that Happeners is an individual.

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