Various Artists "Rix-Core 84 - 86" LP



Verbal Assault Never Stop/Search

–Verbal Assault Complain, Complain

–Verbal Assault Our Illusions

–Verbal Assault When I Think

–Verbal Assault More Than Music

–Verbal Assault The Price We Pay

–Verbal Assault Alive

–Verbal Assault Back Stab

–Vicious Circle (15) Reaganomics

–Vicious Circle Weird

–Vicious Circle Violence Fix

–Vicious Circle My Life, My Rules

–Vicious Circle GI Jerk

–Vicious Circle That's Punk

–Vicious Circle Fight

–Vicious Circle Skate Death

–Positive Outlook The True Shall Prevail

–Positive Outlook Sad Song

–Positive Outlook Don't Waste Your Youth

–Positive Outlook Be What You Want

–Positive Outlook Walk Like A Man

–Positive Outlook Just A Game

–Positive Outlook Born Again Child

–Positive Outlook Dedicated To Ignorance

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