Under Pressure Video Magazine 02 DVD


This is the second installment of the Under Pressure Video Magazine featuring: 2.2.07 - The Final Mosh! A four camera, digital 24p video and 24 track digital audio recording capturing the highlights from Guns Up!'s final set. Close friends Shipwreck, Verse and Have Heart send them off in style and make it a night that no one will soon forget. Under Pressure Video Magazine 02 Trailer 1 from anthony moreschi on Vimeo. Dirty Jobs with Johnnie Limit of Word For Word Starting up your own coffee shop is no easy feat, especially when you're the front man for an up and coming band like Word For Word. Johnnie Limit explains how and why he started his punk rock coffee shop, Johnnie Latte's Espresso Cafe and why you need to check it out. Gear Check with Pete Chilton of Bane Pete's been playing bass in one of hardcore's most prominent bands for over ten years. He's got his sound dialed and here he shows you how. He also treats us to a tour of the Bane practice space in sub-freezing temperatures at a secret location that the electric company can't even find.

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