Toy Boats "Wedding Town" LP


The brainchild of Byron-born prodigy Hugo Costin-Neilsen, Toy Boats sprang to life in 2009 as an acoustic-based solo deal but has blossomed into something much greater. Evidence of this can be heard on Toy Boats’ forthcoming full-length debut, Wedding Town. Set for release in April via Resist Records, it’s the sound of a precocious young talent in full bloom.

Tender indie rock that packs a powerful emotional wallop, Wedding Town is fragile yet robust, heartfelt yet headstrong, understated yet wildly adventurous. Very few debut albums can claim to strike such a harmonious balance between innocence and sophistication.

Recorded in eight days at Melbourne’s Three Phase Studios with engineer / producer Sam Johnson (A Death In The Family), Wedding Town is imbued with a rich, full-band sound that wraps the listener in warm phonics and tranquil tones.

Second press on pink vinyl.

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