Toxic Holocaust "Evil Never Dies" LP


Crazed bullet-belt-and-high-top thrash metal from the fiery pits of Maryland. Toxic Holocaust carries on in the grand tradition of Destruction, Kreator, Whiplash, and Bathory with songs about nuclear war, Satan, and other wholesome themes. Joel Grind is the only member of this "band," but this doesn’t sound like a wimpy Pro-Tools vanity project, the sound is fully realized and Joel packs as much of a punch as any four or five denim-and-leather clad heshers ever has. Unlike many current speed/thrash bands, Joel has a knack for writing catchy songs with plenty of hooks. Standout tracks include the seething mid-tempo "Summon The Beast" and headbanging anthem "Metal Attack". This is the soundtrack to getting ripped on magic marker fumes and cheap domestic beer in your parents’ basement in 1986. Kills posers on contact.

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