Token Entry "Jaybird / The Weight Of The World" CD


When you talk about the heydey of New York Hardcore, it'd be impossible to do it without mentioning one of the most important bands of the time, Token Entry. Hailing from Queens, NY, and fronted by local hero Timmy Chunks, the band made a name for themselves by constantly playing in and around New York, developing a loyal following of both punk and hardcore kids alike and becoming a mainstay of the flourishing NYHC scene. Token Entry's second full-length, "Jaybird," originally released in 1988 on Roadrunner Records imprint label Hawker Records, took their signature sound of punk rock influenced hardcore to the next level. Blending the back-bone and groove of bands like Bad Brains with the positive force of bands like 7 Seconds, "Jaybird" hits hard with standout tracks such as the album's opener "The Fire," the title-track "Jaybird," and the the band's own theme song "Token Entry." Following up the critical acclaim of "Jaybird," Token Entry pushed the hardcore/punk envelope even further with their finale, 1990's "The Weight Of The World." Their 3rd LP showcased the band stretching their musical wings, incorporating rock, metal, and even funk influences into their songs. Token Entry was an important part of the history of New York Hardcore, and their influence is still being felt today. Now these two classic albums will be available again, together in one place, for old and new fans alike.

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