Toetag / Shattered Realm "Self Titled"CD


Toetag formed in April 2008 by Eulogy owner and former member of Until The End and Morning Again, John Wylie. Toetag plays straightforward hardcore that will appeal to fans of many different genres. Toetag also includes ex-members of Glasseater and Remembering Never. Shattered Realm has been through hell and back over the course of this decade. Stemming from their own roots in the infamous Asbury Park, NJ '90s hardcore scene, they've made claim to an image and ideology that has pushed them through the pack of three-chord open riff mosh metalcore bands and placed them in a prestigious place amongst the last of a dying breed of real hardcore bands that have survived the streets and never taken shit from anyone, anywhere. As time moves on, the Realm finds themselves writing their most mature material to date, allowing their metallic influences to show as well as adding deep, introspective, aggressive lyrics into the mix.

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