Tiny Moving Parts "Celebrate" CD


Tiny Moving Parts is back with their third full-length, "Celebrate," after spending a year on the road touring with Modern Baseball, The Wonder Years, Into It. Over It. and The Front Bottoms, returning to the studio with their friend Greg Lindholm who previously produced the band's first album, "This Couch Is Long & Full Of Friendship." The album blooms into optimism across its ten tracks, mixing modern guitar, sensitive songwriting and high production with their unique flash of musical technicality. "Celebrate" starts with darker, sadder moments, like "Happy Birthday" and its story of being left, and fights to stay positive as it carries through. "Prodigy" adds violin on the album to provide a new tone for the band, while "Breathe Deep" tells the story of a snowman trying to make it beyond winter and through summer over chipper, videogame-like guitar. Eventually, "Celebrate" blooms into full-blown optimism on closer "Minnow."

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