Tim Kasher "Adult Film" LP


Tim Kasher seems to never rest. Since 1997, he has written and released 12 full-length albums both as a solo artist and with his bands Cursive and The Good Life, and has crisscrossed North America and Europe countless times on tour. His newest album, sophomore solo effort "Adult Film," began coming together in late 2011, just shortly after Cursive finished recording their seventh LP, "I Am Gemini" (Saddle Creek, 2012). Kasher continued to work on it over the next year before heading to Electrical Audio Studio in his adopted hometown of Chicago, IL in spring 2013. "Adult Film" is more thematically elastic than any other of his recent albums and spans songs that reflect on matters such as aging and mortality, growing up and growing older and how these things impact our relationships - including the way we interact with and view the life around us. Kasher is as lyrically incisive as ever: The album is packed with thoughtful apprehensions, cleverly turned phrases, and reflections on himself and the world at large, all run through his distinctive filter of dry wit and frequent self-deprecation. LP includes MP3 download.

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