Thrice "To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere" CD


Thrice has been a staple in the alternative/modern rock world for over 15 years. A band known for effortlessly and continuously releasing groundbreaking records, their discography has sold over a 1.5 million copies and they've toured the world with acts like The Deftones, Coheed & Cambria, Rise Against, Circa Survive and Brand New. Thrice released their first proper full-length, "Identity Crisis," in 2001 and quickly stormed to the forefront of the indie music scene as listeners rejoiced and formed what can only be described as a cult following. The band went on to release seven highly praised albums - fan favorites "The Illusion Of Safety" (2002), "The Artist In The Ambulance" (2003) and "Vheissu" (2005), the brilliant and eclectic four-part concept album "The Alchemy Index: Fire And Water" (2007) and "Earth And Air" (2008), the visceral and raw masterpiece "Beggars" (2009), and a grunge-inspired follow-up album, "Major/Minor" (2011). After a three-year break from writing and touring, the Southern California quartet is back with their first studio album in almost five years. 

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