The Slackers "Better Late Than Never" 2xLP


The Slackers are a New York City band, formed in Manhattan in 1991. The band's sound is a mix of ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub, soul, garage rock, and jazz.

The Slackers' notability is credited to their prolific career, tours of North America, Europe, and elsewhere, and signing to notable punk label Hellcat Records.

Since 1991, The Slackers have been performing what Bandleader Vic Ruggiero, calls "Jamaican Rock N' Roll." You can hear in their rhythms the sounds of Jamaican roots music like those done by The Skatalites and Early Wailers but its sung with a New York accent, and their original songs are written from an American perspective.

Their reworking of genres sounds something similar to what Bob Dylan, the Sonics, or the Rolling Stones would have sounded like if they grew up on as much Reggae and Ska as they did R&B.

This 2015 release of their debut album "Better Late Than Never" is remastered and in a new gatefold artwork.

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