The Real McKenzies "Two Devils Will Talk" CD


Fat Wreck Chords' favorite highlanders, The Real McKenzies, celebrate 2017 with a brand new album, Two Devils Will Talk, marking their 25th year as a band. There's a saying in Scotland: "Many a mickle makes a muckle." This translates to: "Many a small thing makes a big thing." This is especially true with the unique sound that The Real McKenzies' have cultivated over the years. Two Devils Will Talk is packed with 14 rousing songs that incorporate classic punk, hard folk, acoustic and electric instruments, all weaving in the Celtic influence for which the band is known. The result of all these combined elements is one of the strongest albums in the band's entire career. Bassist Troy Zak offers, "On the 25th Anniversary of The Real McKenzies, we remain true to our Scottish-Canadian Punk Rock 'n' Roll roots. We wrote an album about perseverance, determination, and staying true to our beliefs. The band has never hung up it's hat even at the toughest of times and this album shows we are more relevant now than ever before."

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