The Exploited "The 7x7 Box" 7x7"


REBELLION RECORDS officially licensed (from CHERY RED) the first seven 7” singles and EP’s by this legendary Scottish punk band and collected them into a beautiful, glossy box – honoring one of the greatest punk bands of all time.


In “THE 7x7 BOX” each single and EP comes in its own color of vinyl, but as always we respect the original artwork, so graphical enhancements were only made if deemed necessary. Of course the tracklist speaks for itself with Army Life, Fuck The Mods, Exploited Barmy Army, I Believe In Anarchy, Dogs Of War, Dead Cities, Attack and Rival Leaders, totaling up to 18 classic anthems in one handy box!



Limited 500 boxsets including:

RR180-1 Exploited - Army Life 7” WHITE

RR180-2 Exploited - Exploited Barmy Army 7” ULTRA CLEAR

RR180-3 Exploited - Dogs Of War 7” TRANSPARANT BLOOD RED

RR180-4 Exploited - Dead Cities 7” BONE

RR180-5 Exploited - Attack/Alternative 7” HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW

RR180-6 Exploited - Computers Don't Blunder 7” DEEP PURPLE

RR180-7 Exploited - Rival Leaders 7” COKE BOTTLE GREEN

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