The Dils "Class War" LP


This is a reissue of the vinyl LP Live, a high-quality 1980 board tape released on Iloki/XXX in 1987. Class War features a new title, new sleeve, new photos, and different liner notes. Additionally, the band's debut single is tacked on in lieu of the four poor quality live tracks from 1977 that closed out Live. The sound on the disc, recorded just before the trio sadly split up, is hotter than most bootlegs, offering a parade of neo-classics: "I Hate the Rich," "Class War," and an incredibly improved (slowed down) "You're Not Blank." (Fans will also recognize "The Sound of the Rain," a Dils single the Kinmans re-recorded for their second LP with Rank & File, 1984's Long Gone Dead, as well as "Tell Her I Love Her," a hot song badly reworked for that same LP.) As John Silvers, the longest-running and best of four drummers who served with the pair, makes his vinyl debut here, even the material that's familiar from the singles (about half) sounds tighter and more powerful. 

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