The Hope Conspiracy "Death Knows Your Name" CD


HOPE CON have been a brute force in the aggressive music community since their inception. Through years of relentless touring and now classic releases on the Equal Vision (Cold Blue 2000, Endnote 2002) and Bridge 9 (File 03 2001) labels, HOPE CON's impact and influence is undeniable. Boasting a musical intensity and lyrical honesty that screams louder than nearly all of their musical contemporaries combined.

Death Knows Your Name was recorded and engineered by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Modern Life Is War) at Godcity Studios. Death Knows Your Name marks the first recorded appearance of Tim Cossar (American Nightmare, Bars) with HOPE CON, as well as the return of guitarist Neeraj Kane (The Suicide File) to the song writing fold.

Death Knows Your Name is a stark and mesmerizing chapter in the HOPE CON legacy. From the haunting first notes of They Know Not, to the earth shaking Stolen Days, the unforgiving heaviness and rage of the album is awe inspiring. The songs lunge and writhe with immeasurable emotion and inner turmoil like all great art does. Serving as a true amalgamation of their classic piss and vinegar approach and a new found epic maturity.

Licensed From Deathwish Inc.

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