The Blackout "Hope" CD


Post Hard Core band \'The Blackout\' return with their much anticipated follow up from 2009\'s \'The Best in Town.\' Hope is the preserve of the foolish and the brave, the light at the end of the tunnel and the ball and chain that leaves reality inescapable. ‘Hope’, the new album by Welsh pop-bruisers The Blackout, is just that – except it sounds killer at ear-bleeding volume. With touchstones ranging from Prince to Slipknot, ‘Hope’ is the work of a band reenergised, looking forward to leaping to the next level. Prior to the release of \'The Hope\', the Blackout toured relentlessly, consolidating their UK fanbase with a stint on the Kerrang! Relentless Energy Drink Tour as well as living out some old-school fantasies by touring with Limp Bizkit in mainland Europe. Vocalist and frontman Sean Smith was even requested to perform on stage with Limp Bizkit in mainland Europe. The Blackout became regular fixtures on the UK and European festival scene, appeared on magazine covers and played bigger and better shows all around the world. When the time came to work on their next record, The Blackout bunkered down and got busy. Despite some textbook Blackout mishaps – drums were tracked by Philip Jenkins from Kids In Glass Houses and Tom Winch from Hexes after Gareth broke his shoulder trying to beat a cheetah in a race at Bristol Zoo – they came out of the experience stronger than ever. “We don’t need to prove anything to anyone,” states Gavin. The opening song ‘Ambition Is Critical’ goes ‘We don’t need to wear your crown’ because we don’t need anyone’s approval. We’re doing what feels right to us.” With their army of fans – the ever-vocal Riot Squad – at their backs, The Blackout have made their most confident and fluent album to date.

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