That's Outrageous "Teenage Scream" CD


For Fans of A Day To Remember, Asking Alexandria, and Attack Attack! That's Outrageous! may be new to the party, but it won’t be long until they're the life of it. The band has been turning heads and demanding the attention of fans as well as critics with their unique blend of melodic pop hooks, hardcore breakdowns, electronic programming, and screamy catchy sing-along’s. That's Outrageous! isn't the first band to mix these genres together, but they're one of the first to perfect it! The band recorded their debut record "Teenage Scream" with Cameron Mizell (I See Stars, Woe Is Me, Sleeping With Sirens). "Teenage Scream" lives up to the hype, all 10 tracks are memorable and dynamic, offering something for everyone. That's Outrageous! is currently stealing the show on the Rise Records Tour and is living up to the "Next Big Thing" label that has been placed upon their shoulders.

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