Terrible Feelings "Tremors" LP


For the last 6 years, Malmo, Sweden's Terrible Feelings have been blazing a trail of power pop meets Killed By Death punk. The band's new LP from Deranged Records, Tremors," pushes them further in songwriting and intensity. Remember the last time you heard a catchy song and couldn't get it out of your head? Imagine that for 12 blistering tracks. Songs like "Cold Eyes" and "Deadbeat" are Terrible Feelings at their absolute best, displaying a range of unhinged energy and focus rarely found on most punk LPs. The trio breaks new ground with the slow burner "Down The Road," which has a country meets garage-esque Mazzy Star feel that blooms into something beautiful. As an LP, Tremors runs the gamut from gritty and hard-hitting to catchy and pretty. Terrible Feelings have become more than just a reliable garage punk band. "Tremors" goes far beyond any box listeners or journalists could trap them in.

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