Tenement "Bruised Music Vol. 2" LP


Bruised Music Vol. 2 features an era of transition for Wisconsin punk band Tenement. You'll hear the first inkling of Tenement's interest in the fusion of classical stringed instruments and pop music in "Wouldn't Let You Go," an instrumental piece called "Jet Slug" that sits somewhere between Pavement and Ferrante & Teicher, the chunky, blown-out punk/pop of "Blast Exhaust" and "Taking Everything" which seem too aggressive to label simply as "pop punk" yet too melodic to label as "hardcore," and the acoustic ballad "Your Sway..." with Nick Drake-esque chord patterns. You'll hear the twinkling pianos of "Perverse Universe" and the jangling, sparkling guitars and lush vocal harmonies of "Paper Airplanes," and it will sound so achingly familiar yet so hard to generalize or pin down. Fourteen tracks in all, including material compiled from the "Taking Everything" EP, split 7" with Culo, split 7" with Cheeky, "Freak Cast In Iron" 7" single, "Puke And Destroy Vol. 2" 7" compilation and split 7" with Screaming Females. All material has once again been mastered for this release by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory.

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