Taking Sides "Smash The Windows To The Dead Hearts" CDep


From the ashes of some of Sydney's greatest hardcore bands (Toe to Toe, Deadstare, Restraint, Life Love Regret) came the rise of one of the scenes most refreshing bands, Taking Sides. Now heavyweights in the Australian hardcore/punk scene, Taking Sides take no prisoners with their energetic, passionate brand of fast hardcore/punk with traces of a rock influence.

 The bands popularity has grown exponentially and this is the release that carved their name in the underground scene. Having played/toured with Give Up the Ghost, I killed The Prom Queen, Day Of Contempt, Terror, The Hope Conspiracy, Sick Of It All and Good Riddance to name a few, 2005 belongs to Taking Sides as they prepare for what will be a monstrous year for them.

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