Sworn In "The Lovers / The Devil" CD


The Lovers/The Devil  is the follow up to Sworn In’s 2013 debut album, The Death Card, which debuted on the Billboard Top 200 chart. The Lovers/The Devil in short is a concept record delving into the darkness of a destructive relationship. The CD is split into two halves, the first dubbed “The Lovers” and the second called “The Devil.”

“The Lovers” tells the story of the man feeling obsessed, psychotic, depressed, and drowning in unrequited love. This half of the cd is the desperate romantic who lives inside his own head because the real world become too unbearable. But such is life and this character reaches a breaking point. And with that comes the split of the record.

“The Devil” charts the course of the role reversal, where the man snaps and becomes the cold, bitter and numb person that drove him mad, while the female occupies the position the male just went through.

However, the record does not glorify self-destructive love; rather, it chronicles that situation and can be interpreted any way that feels personal to the one listening.

The Chicago-based band takes the listeners on an unforgettable, yet disturbing aural journey. Their mission is thus: to take heavy music from dizzying heights to harrowing lows and leave you speechless in the process.

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