Sundowner "Little Elephant Sessions" 7"


Fall 2013, while touring on the Fat Wreck Chords debut full-length album "Neon Fiction," Sundowner made a pit stop at Little Elephant Studio in Toledo, OH. Run by two engineers, Rob Courtney and Brian Gross-Bias, Little Elephant has built a reputation recording high-quality video of bands performing live and making those performances available to the public. Once the Sundowner session was complete, Chris McCaughan was so happy with the outcome that he decided to release the audio recordings on a 7" via Fat Wreck Chords in conjunction with Little Elephant rolling out the video footage. The 7", titled "Little Elephant Sessions," contains four tracks total; one from each of the three Sundowner full-lengths and one Lawrence Arms classic. All four songs are done in the stripped-down, intimate style that has endeared so many fans to Sundowner: just Chris, his guitar, and artistically-crafted, unforgettable songs.

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