Suicide Note "Too Sick To Dance" CD


Ladies and gentlemen, the best band Ferret records will probably ever release, the most under-rated band on the roster...Suicide Note! Expect nothing, and you're going to love this. Expect breakdowns and tech-metal, you're going to hate this. A true sign of a band doing exactly what they want to do and not giving a flying f' what anyone else thinks. Some straight up rock out songs, some down right ugly drone, some classic singer/songwriter in there as well. I can't even begin to describe what this sounds like. It's an awesome mix of the best elements of punk rock, rock n' roll, ambient space outs, and metal, without any of the extra baggage that normally comes along. If you want a record that's going to stand on it's own two feet, here it it. If you want the standard same old, same old go somewhere else.

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