Stupid Life "Self Titled" 7"


Stupid Life has been playing around the Los Angeles area for over a year, honing their skills and becoming a staple of the local punk scene with their charismatic live shows and catchy songs. As demonstrated by their name, they take cues from classic Kyushu noise punk a la Confuse and Gai but have an underlying Swankys groove that propels the songs into Japanese-pop madness filled with guitar leads, outrageous solos, blasts of noise and some of the most downright memorable songs in modern punk. Quite possibly the best noise punk band that isn't a noise punk band, the members of Stupid Life are all incredibly talented musicians who do not hide behind a wall of noise and distortion to disguise their inability to play, instead contorting and manipulating the noise to suit their needs. Limited edition of 300 copies.

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