Straightjacket Nation "Live on PBS" LP

$16.00 $24.00

Originally released on cassette and limited to 100 copies, it’s been 5 and a half years since Australia’s STRAIGHTJACKET NATION first took to the airwaves and this incredible live set was captured. A band known around the world for their rabid live shows this recording comes closer to capturing that raw energy and power than any before or since. 11 tracks of Cleveland influenced hardcore fury for fans of 9 SHOCKS TERROR, and H100s, including a cover from short lived Sydney group MASSTRAUMA. Searing guitar meets manic cat-in-a-bag style vocals backed up by relentless bass and drums. Wild and chaotic hardcore punk from one of Australia’s finest, featuring members of THE UV RACE, DICK DIVER, PISSCHRIST, BLOODY HAMMER, TOTAL CONTROL, EAST LINK, SUCIO PODER, and more.

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