Slang "Glory Outshines Doom" LP


Sapporo, Japan's Slang sixth LP may be the most definitive expression of the band's long journey as part of and evolution within the history of Japanese hardcore. Starting in the late 1980s as a classic-sounding Japanese hardcore band, Slang's sound became heavily influenced in the 1990s by NYHC like Agnostic Front, Madball and slower breakdowns as a means for impact. In the 00's, the band embraced more metallic influences and slowly began to seam all of it together: the tough, growling vocals, the slow, crushing breakdowns, raging guitar leads and lightning fast hardcore charge. Their previous two albums, "The Immortal Sin" and " Life Made Me Hardcore," began the road to this, but "Glory Outshines Doom" goes to another level of combining all these elements to create an intense, dark, completely and totally brutal record, crashing barriers between punk, metal and hardcore.

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