Shotpointblank "Heart Of A Disbeliever" LP


Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Shotpointblank formed in late 1999 and play a hard, fast and aggressive brand of hardcore fusing traditional ‘core with elements of metal, hints of melody, and crunching dance parts and breakdowns. Lyrically the band is not afraid to speak their mind retaining the heartfelt honesty that the hardcore scene has built itself up on, finding a common ground between the individual beliefs of the various members which range from straightedge to veganism, and use it to confront issues that face us all as individuals and as society as a whole. After two well received releases on Surprise Attack, the debut CDep “Kill… …Kill”, and a split CD with Erie, PA’s Problem Solver Revolver, Shotpointblank’s debut full length album “Heart of a Disbeliever” added a level of melody the the crushing mosh anthems. The CD was released on Resist Records, Featuring 12 songs of aggressive, thought provoking and powerful hardcore, this release will be sure to have even the most jaded kids’ hardcore pride reinvigorated. LP's will have a digital download.

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