Shai Hulud "A Comprehensive Retrospective Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Release Bad And Useless Recordings" CD


A Comprehensive Retrospective is the blueprint to Shai Hulud's legacy. From the earliest demo with original singer Damien Moyal (As Friends Rust, Culture, Morning Again), scratch guitar tracks, warehouse recordings, a live radio show from WNYU Crucial Choas, to Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion's frontman Chad Gilbert's first foray into the band via a 4-track demo, A Comprehensive Retrospective has all the rarities any Shai Hulud fan could ask for without having to shell out an arm and a leg for on eBay. Compiled by original member Matt Fox, A Comprehensive Retrospective is a completist's dream. Layout included intensive liner notes, photos and flyers. Everything you could ever want from Shai Hulud's formative years is here.

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