Rupture "Corrupture" LP + 7"


This 1993 ultrafast Hardcore milestone had never seen a vinyl reissue in 2 full decades, making it almost impossibile to find copies of the original 10″ pressing at a reasonable price. The audiophile treatment received by “Corrupture” adds more punch to the obsessively fast sound of Rupture, making all these classic songs like “Human Race”, “Fucken Old Cunts”, “A Is For Asshole” and “OD On THC” more powerful, nasty and pissed. Every note here drools with filth, desire to offend and totally anti-PC attitude, standing out in the Hardcore history as one of the best examples of one-of-a-kind band. Rupture were unique, “Corrupture” was unique. Now you have the chance to hear it like never before, finding out that you can bring new life to 26 classic songs making them sound more aggressive than ever. As soon as you’ll open your copy you’ll find another gem: a doublesided flexi 7″ EP with Rupture’s pre-”Righteousfuck” rehearsal demo recordings (11 songs, 1 of which never heard before), unreleased until now.

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