Running For Cover "Demo" LP

$18.00 $26.00

Between 2003-2007, Running For Cover was the best kept secret in the Eastern time zone. Dialing in the density and frustration of bands like No Comment and Capitalist Casualties, and playing regional shows alongside bands like Iron Lung and Mind Eraser, they never failed to level the audience and the venue. Their 7" and full-length album are known by some to be high water marks of their chosen style, but their demo has remained unheard by all but the most devoted. Remixed in 2013 by the band and properly mastered for the first time, Painkiller presents their full, 2003 demo on a 12". For those not familiar, welcome to the cult. Members of Running For Cover have also done time in Gas Chamber, Solutions, Resist Control, Slave State, Dead Language and others. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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