Rocky Votolato "Burning My Travels Clean" LP


Known as "the voice" behind Waxwing's powerfully lucid excursions and soundscapes, Burning My Travels Clean is by nature a different animal, even as it ephemerally recalls Waxwing's most somnambulant moments. 

Burning My Travels Clean is in marked contrast a stripped down and direct affair, yet gains a clarity and gracefulness because of its minimalist and stark delivery. Comprised mainly of Rocky's fatigued, straining, yet delicately quivering voice, and his lilting acoustic guitar strumming, accompanied by sparse drum and bass, and the occasional violin, piano and pedal steel guitar slivers, Burning My Travels Clean is eleven mournful, morose and haunting songs that showcase Rocky as more than just another singer-songwriter, but as a musician capable of rending one's soul with his recollections, dreams and confessions.

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