Ringworm "Justice Replaced By Revenge" CD


One of the world's most legendary, vile and destructive hardcore metal bands, RINGWORM, are back with their latest attempt to wreak havoc on the world. RINGWORM's brooding guitar lines and pummeling riffs on Justice Replaced By Revenge reach into the depths of the psyche and bring forth the evil that lives inside. The Human Furnace's agonizing, distressing and remarkably memorable vocals provide a horrific narration for thunderous songs with an unmistakable brutality. RINGWORM's primary songwriter, Frank "3 Gun" Novinec, also plays in hardcore contemporaries TERROR, and new fans are anxiously awaiting the return of RINGWORM. With a sound powerful enough to bring entire civilizations to their knees, RINGWORM conquers an internal struggle on Justice Replaced By Revenge, and exorcises humanity's filthy demons.

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