Remembering Never "God Save Us" CD


South Florida, a region once known for its humidity and magnetic pulls for retirees from across the nation. Now this region is known for its high occurrence rate of hurricanes and home to socio-politico rage-core unit, REMEMBERING NEVER. This five man unit is uncompromising hardcore with a message. From a cynical eye towards those who govern in all realms to messages of a vegetarian lifestyle, REMEMBERING NEVER isn't afraid to ruffle feathers. Incorporating metallic speed and ire into their guitars, shards of melody and chaotic arrangements that threaten to collapse their sound is a combination of technical skill and primal aggression. Several hurricanes and tattoos later, REMEMBERING NEVER has emerged as one of the most respected voices of the metalcore scene. The band entered Planet Z Studios in Massachusetts with wonder producer Zeuss (HATEBREED, THROWDOWN, SHADOWS FALL) to record God Save Us. It is definitely their most savage and heaviest sounding record to date. The band comments, "We are the most negatively positive band out there. We're really positive but we present it in a negative way." With the release of God Save Us, 2006 promises to be the year that mainstream takes notice of the band who live by their underground roots.

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