Reggie And The Full Effect "Last Stop Crappy Town" CD


What is there left to say about Reggie and the Full Effect at this point? The mastermind behind Reggie, James Dewees, has been at it for 7 years now and has delivered a lot of joy to music fans everywhere.

What started out as a side project to his “regular job” as keyboardist for emo/indie pioneers, The Get Up Kids, quickly turned into something much bigger. Next thing we all knew, Reggie was recording albums, touring and making household names out of his wacky, on-album alter egos Paco, Common Denominator and Fluxuation.

However, Last Stop: Crappy Town sees a much different side of Reggie. Gone are the joking skits, funny song titles, and videos about the Loch Ness monster and breakdancing contests. Gone are the poppy, danceable songs that had young girls singing their hearts out about being in love. This album is about a very real, rough time in James’ life, and the mood of the songs reflects those down times. The album is much heavier, darker and introspective.

The album was recorded almost two years ago, but due to a number of factors is only being released now. Fans have been waiting a long time and they’re finally gonna get their Reggie!

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