Rage Against The Machine "Renegades" LP


Following 3 studio albums with original material, Rage Against The Machine offered a tribute to their musical heroes, showing a broad variety in their favourite artists and genres. Renegades includes songs originally made famous by artists like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Minor Threat, Eric B. & Rakim, EPMD, MC5, The Rolling Stones, Cypress Hill, Devo and Afrika Bambaataa.

In stead of just giving each song the hard-riffing-and-rapping treatment, each song is treated differently, resulting in a musically varied album. For instance, "Renegades of Funk" and "Microphone Fiend" have never been rocked so hard before, whereas "The Ghost of Tom Joad" is Rage Against The Machine more subtle than you've ever heard before!

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