PMS 84 "Self Titled" 7"


 This is the second EP from this Portland, OR band. They definitely have some UK82 vibes going on thanks to the bubbly, front-of-the-mix bass that reminds a little bit of the Partisans, but PMS 84 have a little bit more three dimensionality to their sound than most bands flying the UK82 or pogo-punk flags. First of all, rather than focusing on the bouncy rhythms and simple melodies, this is a little more brooding, darker and heavier. Parts of it almost begin to take on an early Part 1/Rudimentary Peni-type vibe, but the tempos are generally much faster than those bands which makes it sound a lot more punk. Basically, if you dig the Savageheads school of amped-up, hardcore-informed UK82, this is a no-brainer.

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