Pavement "Slanted And Enchanted" LP


On their early singles, Pavement was composed of two recent college grads hanging out in suburban California recording willfully obscure art-damaged ditties at local hippie percussionist Gary Young's ill-equipped studio Louder Than You. 1989's debut single "Slay Tracks" was really good but seemed a tad insular and precious, the fancy wordplay the result of smartypants with too much time on their hands. Over a few years, singer-songwriter Stephen Malkmus' songs got more confident, Scott Kannberg's pyrotechnic guitar effects became more twisted, and Young's sound grew clearer, until the majestic Slanted & Enchanted dropped in 1992. This album boldly channeled the most cathartic elements of indie-rock's then-canon: Velvets, Fall, Swell Maps, B.A.L.L., Tall Dwarfs, etc.-all of it reconfigured into a fractured mess that's very catchy and often dazzling.

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