Paper Arms "The Smoke Will Clear" CD


It's been a long 3 years between albums for Paper Arms. The Adelaide band was due to record in September 2011, but 4 months earlier singer/lyricist Josh Mann's marriage ended. "I never thought something like a break up would make me want to stop writing music, but that's how it felt for a long time." Said Josh. "The last thing I wanted to do after something so negative was write a big, depressing, 'woe is me' album and drag everyone else down too. So I had to take some time, clear my head, and write a record that was honest, but looking forward. I feel like that's what we've done." Recorded by Jimmy Balderston at Capitol Sounds Studio and mixed in the US by Brian McTernan (Strike Anywhere, Hot Water Music, Polar Bear Club) at Salad Days Studio, 'The Smoke Will Clear' is somehow heavier, yet more melodic than 'Days Above Ground' boasting 13 tracks of energetic heartfelt anthems.

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