Panic "Circles" CDep


During the winter of 2001, two separate bands in the Boston hardcore scene were struggling to make their respective projects work. Personal differences ultimately split them apart, and members of each band went on to put together the final incarnation, and Panic was formed. Gibby, the former singer of punk band The Trouble has taken over vocals for Panic and helped combine the lyrical honesty and sadness of Joy Division and the Smiths with the energy and fierceness of Slap Shot and Negative Approach.

Licensed from Reflections Records, Circles marks the return of this legendary band. Forming in 2001, Panic went on to record 2 eps for Bridge 9 (which will soon be re released along with their 2001 demo), before quitting while onstage at the back to school jam in 2002 in Massachusetts.

In 2005, Reflections in the Netherlands invited Panic to play a reunion show in Holland, and exactly 4 years after their first show, the Panic reunion was enough to convince the members that they weren't finished with what they had started and the decided to record the Circles ep for Reflections.

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