Oxley's Midnight Runners "The Battle Volume 1" LP


When Oxley's Midnight Runners (featuring Lars from Rancid) burst onto the scene in 2014, they had a specific vision for the sound and style of the releases that they'd put out. What followed were four EPs - "We Are Legion," "Invasion," "Combat" and "Conquest" - that set forth a statement of intent in their titles that the band has borne out in the hard-driving, American oi sound. The EPs sold quickly with only the first EP being repressed and extremely limited quantities left available of the latter releases. In order to keep these timeless tracks available, Oi! The Boat Records has packaged the first four EPs plus the song "American Made" (from "Oi! Ain't Dead 5: U.S.A. Attack!," Rebellion Records) remastered on 12" LP.

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