NOFX "Cokie The Clown" CDEP


Continually bucking convention and invariably doing things their own way, NOFX are once again defying the norm. Recently, when the band recorded their latest full-length, Coaster, they ended up with five too many songs to fit on the album. Instead of embracing the traditional approach of releasing the extra songs as a teaser in order to promote their then upcoming full-length, NOFX opted to save five of the best songs from the session and release them months later as an ep titled Cokie the Clown. Cokie the Clown is sort of the crème brulee to the filet mignon that is Coaster; an irresistibly tempting and equally satisfying final course. The songs on Cokie are everything that loyal fans have come to expect and crave, with fast riffs, catchy melodies, and thought provoking lyrics. And, to further increase the collectability of Cokie the Clown, NOFX decided to do a vinyl version of the songs by way of two separate 7”s, the first sharing the same name as the cd and the second titled My Orphan Year (vinyl nerds, steady yourselves!).

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