Motorhead "Ace Of Spades" LP


With the 1980 release of "Ace Of Spades," Motorhead had their anthem of anthems - that is, the title track - the one trademark song that would summarize everything that made this early incarnation of the band so legendary, a song that would be blasted by legions of metalheads for generations on end. It's a legendary song, for sure, all two minutes and 49 bracing seconds of it. And the album of the same name is legendary as well, among Motorhead's all-time best, often considered their single best, in fact, along with "Overkill." "Ace Of Spades" was Motorhead's third great album in a row, following the 1979 releases of "Overkill" and "Bomber," respectively. Those two albums have a lot in common with "Ace Of Spaces." The classic lineup - Lemmy (bass and vocals), "Fast" Eddie Clarke (guitar) and "Philthy Animal" Taylor (drums) - is still in place and sounding as alive and crazed as ever.

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