Millencolin "Home From Home" CD


With a souped up sound, without forgetting their roots, Millencolin are returning with their fifth studio album. They have expanded upon what made them punkrock darlings, and taken their search for something seamless and identifiably way further. The archetypal opener, a three-minute fist-pumping, "yeah-yeah" anthem called "Man or Mouse," will become a live standard, as it's also a perfect show starter. "Fingers Crossed" follows it up with a galloping punk old-schools styled Millencolin song before bounding into two stellar examples of Millencolin circa now: "Black Eye," with it's Samiam-style ringing/droning guitars and sweet Sugar-y vocal harmonies, and "Montego," with its power & anthemic qualities. Latin-tinged guitars propel "Punk Rock Rebel".

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