Metallica "Ride The Lightning" LP


Over the course of the eight tracks on Ride the Lightning the listener can detect the beginnings of the cataclysmic shift occurring in metal. Opening with the punishing combination of Fight Fire With Fire and Ride the Lightning,”Metallica provide an immediate reminder of why they are the reigning kings of thrash metal, but with the slow, steamrolling riff of For Whom the Bell Tolls it becomes clear that the band is growing beyond the speed metal parameters of Kill Em All. Their ambition is confirmed by Fade to Black, a ballad that refuses to sacrifice attitude for sentiment. To reiterate for their fans that they werent going soft, the second side of Ride the Lightning is lined with three of the bands most devastating jolts: Trapped Under Ice, Escape, and Creeping Death. The album ends with The Call of Ktulu, an intricate eight-minute epic that points the way towards Master of Puppets and And Justice For All. Ride The Lightning proved Metallica were more than the American metal movements brightest stars they were now its leaders.

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