Merchandise "A Corpse Wired For Sound" LP


Formed nearly a decade ago, galvanized by Tampa, FL, hardcore and inspired by its miscreant noise, "A Corpse Wired For Sound" signals a new chapter for Merchandise. Following 2014's "After The End" - a full-band effort recorded in a closet - the band stripped back to its core of Carson Cox (vocals, electronics), Dave Vassalotti (guitar, electronics) and Pat Brady (bass). The trio travelled to Rosa, Italy, for their first-ever sessions in a recording studio, with a local, ICIO. The nine-song, nocturnal "A Corpse Wired For Sound" was recorded half in the studio and half at home in Tampa, as well as in Cox's newly adopted bases of New York and Berlin - the culmination of a long-distance collaboration between Cox and Vassalotti. LP includes download.

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