Man Lifting Banner / Deadstoolpigeon "Cover EP" 7"


MANLIFTINGBANNER is one of the most legendary European straight edge / hardcore band. Their name appeared in 1990, and comprised members of LÄRM, SEEIN' RED and PROFOUND. MLB came up in the times of the New World Order, the so-called triumph of global capitalism and the outbreak of neo-fascist violence in Europe. From the beginning, they linked radical politics to the straight edge and were among those who were defining the HC scene of the first half of the 90s in Europe. MLB split up in 1994. Olav and Paul continued with Seein' Red (and occasionally later in reformed LÄRM), Big founded MAINSTRIKE (and then BIRDS OF A FEATHER) and Michiel and Bart founded DEADSTOOLPIGEON (DSP). This outfit, started with members of NRA and HUMAN ALERT, were active in 1995-1997 and released three CDs (mostly on Crucial Response Records). In the meantime MLB played a few occasional reunion shows, to return for good in 2012, with regular shows and a set of new and old songs on "The Revolution Continues" double LP on Crucial Response. Big was replaced by new guitar player Johannes Adahl (SOBERESPONSE) and later Thomas Olivier (HUMAN ALERT/DEADSTOOLPIGEON).

This new split 7" between MANLIFTINGBANNER and DEADSTOOLPIGEON for Refuse Records includes covers of bands that were an inspiration to both bands. The MLB side contains two tracks recorded during the sessions for their "Red Fury" LP on Crucial Response. MLB play their 2014 version of Race Against Time by GBH, and Nothing Done by SSD. Plus: punk legend Big John Duncan (The Exploited) joined MLB to add some awesome riffs to the GBH classic. The other side includes never before released recordings of DSP doing Commitment by Alone In A Crowd, and True Blue by Underdog, recorded in 1996. Actually, this is the first time DSP appear on vinyl. This limited edition EP comes as a one-time pressing of 535 copies, in black and red vinyl with two different covers.

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