Mad Sin "Young, Dumb & Snotty" 2xLP


A 24 track journey through the early days of what has become one of the Psychobilly scene's most popular bands. A excellent collection of early recordings dating from 1988 to 1993 - a period that the band term 'The Psychotic Days'. The debut "CHILLS AND THRILLS" straight through "DISTORTED DIMENSIONS", "BREAK THE RULES" and the magnificent "TICKET INTO THE UNDERWORLD" will give you a complete overview about the Band`s most important songs & releases around this early period. So suffice it to say that "Deep Black Zone", the Ramones's "She's The One", "Gonna Get Her", "Indestructible Man" "Wicked Witch", "Meattrain At Midnight" and the Motorhead-ed, OTT "Overpower" (quite possibly the first time I've tiddlywinked a vertebrae across the room headbanging to slap bass) have been the evil impetus for many, many revolutions of this particular platter.

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