Mad Caddies "Dirty Rice" CD


Like well-seasoned wayfarers, the Mad Caddies have spent years roaming the musical landscape and thoughtfully collecting ingredients from the varied regions they encounter. A scoop of reggae, a pinch of ska, a dash of Dixieland, a splash of ragtime, all mixed into a punk-rock stock and finished with a dollop of pure melody; the Caddies cook up an olio of music like no other. "Dirty Rice" is the band's first output in seven years and combines a hodgepodge of elements into a tasty crave-inducing platter, from the absolute classic Caddies up-tempo-punk-meets-Dixieland sound on "Bring It Down," to the reggae/dub components of "Shoot Out The Lights" and "Dangerous," to the Beatles or even Squeeze influenced "Down And Out."

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